Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod


A compact member of the Nexus family the EazyPod is a mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 20000 litres or Koi ponds up to 10000 litres. The EazyPod utilises static K1 Media which provides enhanced biological benefits even when using the EazyPod solely as a mechanical waste filter. Features: Mechanical and biological filtration. Very eazy to install and operate. Quick and eazy cleaning cycle. Works equally well pump or gravity fed. Ideal as a filter on a quarantine system. Also ideal for use as a pre-filter polisher or on a skimmer line. Max. pond size with ornamental fish: 20000l max. pond size with Koi: 10000l max feed rate: 100-125g per day volume of water in filter: 80l max flow rate: 10000l recommended airpump: AirPump70