Eheim Proxima 175 White High Gloss

£ 890.00

The mixture of materials of glass brushed real aluminium surface and modern wood decor guarantees simple but high-value elegance. The dimensions with a depth of 50 cm are perfectly aligned with the "aquascaping" & "biotope aquarium" trends and offer lots of space for underwater landscape design. A sturdy support frame in shining White high gloss design with an unobtrusive decorative inlay in brushed real aluminium surface. Grip-less doors with dampened "push to open" door hinge technique. Open aquarium combination offers expanded space in room design. powerLED lighting (2 x daylight) with rope suspension for ceiling assembly. Open "pool"-aquarium without brackets. Gravel panel with brushed real aluminium surface. - Overall Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 71cm x 51cm x 145cm - Aquarium dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 70cm x 50cm x 50cm - 175 Litres