Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Freshwater


Utilising authentic true nitrifying bacteria, Colony establishes bio-filtration in days instead of weeks.

As trusted by public aquariums around the world, including Sea Life Sanctuaries, Colony’s claim to fame is through results proven in every corner of the globe and in a variety of systems.

Size Treats118 ml (94 L) | 236 ml | (189 L) | 473 ml (379 L ) | 946ml (757L)

Only aerobic autotrophs perform bio-filtration in the context of the nitrogen cycle, so not just any bacteria will do.  As these bacteria have a comparatively slow growth rate, a wait of 6-8 weeks may be required to establish bio-filtration in a new aquarium as their numbers at this stage are very low.

Colony effectively speeds up this process by introducing millions of these bacteria all at once. What’s more, is that the education that comes with every bottle of Colony is invaluable to understanding bio-filtration as the first livestock that goes into your aquarium.


  • To rapidly establish bio-filtration in new aquariums
  • After medicating
  • When adding new livestock
  • Replacing media

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