Alka Haul Freshwater


Alka-Haul Freshwater is a complete multi-source alkalinity buffer that promotes slow depletion, keeping KH values balanced longer than any other buffer. A complete formula, it also boosts the biological integrity of the system by providing its fundamental building blocks.

Alkalinity benefits living organisms in a variety of ways. From improved plant and microbial functions to how fish respond to stress, alkalinity is key. Alka-Haul is complete with beneficial sources of alkalinity that will get the job done.  Because it is infused with calcium carbonate, it is ideal to use with ATM Agent Green for fast phosphate removal.


  • Multi-Source Alkalinity Buffering
  • Enhances All Biological Activity
  • Calcium And Magnesium Infused
  • Effectively “Ages” Purified Water

ATM Colony’s Helper

Because ATM Colony requires alkalinity levels to be 90 or above for optimal conditions, Alka-Haul Freshwater cures low alkalinity conditions or when R/O water is used to enable bio-filtration.